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All you need to know about me

Assalamoalaikum and Hi everyone. I’m really so bad at introductions but I’ll just give it a try. I think people start with their names but I wouldn’t want it like that.
I am currently in Dubai with my (would sound a bit cliche but I mean it)soulmate! And I’m lucky to be married to him and Allah blessed us with two kids a girl and a boy. I don’t really know if you would notice but I’m having two blogs over here. The first one “Schools Around Us” is,as title says,all about schools and you’ll get the details there itself. While this blog is about my life after coming to Dubai and to be connected to women not just here but all around the world. My blog is just about random things ,nothing in particular and would welcome everyone for suggestions and comments. The journey of parenthood is so exciting and I’d definitely want to share it with you and hear from you too..here, i’ll be talking about just everything as I always have many things to say but find it inappropriate to put on my other blog and is the reason why this blog is born.
So,hope to meet like-minded people out there. It would be fun!

And oh by the way ,I’d like to be called Mrs. K. 🙂

We can connect on facebook too.


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